Kiwi Guy Goes Viral After Leaving His Facebook Logged In on Ex's iPad and Dissing Her

We are cringing SO badly...

ALWAYS log out of your Facebook. Especially on your boyfriend/girlfriend's devices, just in case they become your ex and then you diss them on group chat and she sees EVERYTHING.

That's what happened to this guy, he's a Kiwi living in London who started calling his ex out to his mates online...except SHE was watching Netflix on her iPad and EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE came up, because he'd never logged out.

The 24yo girl in question says "I was sat watching Netflix on my iPad when I started getting all these messages through - I had no idea his Facebook was still logged in. I was really upset so I rang my friend because I couldn't believe the vile things they were saying about me.

"I don't even know his friends because he's originally from New Zealand and only recently moved over here. I wouldn't mind but he was texting and ringing me only a few days before saying 'please talk to me' but I just wasn't feeling it. We didn't break up because he did anything wrong, he was just really needy and didn't bring much to the table. He's just a bit of a wet blanket.

"He's 26 and has only just started his first job. He didn't make much effort to make friends with anyone and he just used to hang round mine all the time which wasn't attractive. I actually dumped him in my flat when all my housemates were there so it's really awkward that he's saying he ended it when he definitely didn't."

We are dying for him, but her reply was SO on point - and mature, too! Don't be put off Kiwi guys for life, Lorna!