Guy Shares Texts From Psycho Neighbour Who Complains About Every Sound

OMG so bad neighbours are the worst! These guys are absolutely awful. Sounds like these new parents are going a bit cray. 

Imgur user ChefSwasty said: "On March 19th of this year, we got new neighbours. After having had three or four different people move in and out over a span of time (we live in low-income apartments), this was nothing new."

It all started when he went down to introduce himself to the couple. Seeming fairly normal and noticing that they had a baby, he gave them his mobile number, explaining that he has an electronic drum kit (which he used for about 30 minutes a few times a week at 4pm when he gets in from work) and to let him know if he is too loud. Transpires that was the beginning of the end for this courteous guy.

Here's what followed.