Girl's Response When Her Date Cancels is All of Us

For most women, there are few things worse than being stood up when you're planning a romantic evening with your loved one. 

Now, one chick has revealed the exact extent of her anger in a series of hilarious messages sent to her boyfriend after he cancelled on her last minute.

The photos shared on Imgur, were titled "PSA: Please give an hours warning, minimum."

Readers sympathised. One woman wrote: 'There's a certain and separate type of frustration that comes from wasting a good shave as a woman.'

Kaizerinne also wrote: 'Aaaand spent 2 f**** hours cleaning the entire apartment...been there done that.'

Lunargriffin commented: 'Giiiirrrrlllll I feel your pain. If you're the "backup plan" (i.e. he waits to tell you in case his friends bail) then you need outta that.'

And another mused: 'Makes me wonder if any woman ever shaved her legs just for me'.