Fan Trespasses On "OITNB" Set And Gets Issued A "Shot" By The Show

Hahaha well played "Orange Is The New Black"! 

Here is the back story to the photos:

19 year-old film student Samantha Gardella from New York visited the set of the 'Orange Is The New Black" after she noticed a tweet from a local radio station explaining that scenes for the show’s fourth season would be filmed at the abandoned Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center. Um scary! 

According to, the location is a "stand-in for the fictional prison where the show takes place" and this was just about 30 minutes from Samantha’s house. 

Samantha took screenshots from the show and matched them up with the actual locations then posted the photos to her tumblr and watched as they went viral. Someone did the same thing for "The Walking Dead."

She told HuffPost: "There is no gate at the entryway to keep any uninvited guests out, when I went there the second and third time, all of their fences and doors were unlocked, which was odd because you'd think they'd lock everything."

But here is the best part about it:

The official "Orange Is The New Black" Twitter account responded in the COOLEST way ever by issuing Samantha a "shot".

"To the kid who snuck onto the #OITNB set: Game recognize game." (This post was attached to the last photo)

Samantha also clarified that she was recently notified she was trespassing on New York state private property and has been "respectfully asked not to return to the set" unless she has permission.