A Cancer-Stricken Mum's Dream of Having a Wedding Photoshoot Came True - Without the Groom

A mum had her dream come true when recently she starred in a bridal wedding shoot - despite there not being a groom on the scene.

Netis Negron, 36, was diagnosed with severe breast-cancer seven years ago, and recently found that it has become much more serious, spreading to her bones . But her friends and family brought a ray of hope back into her life after they raised the funds to bring her long-held dream of a fairytale bridal photoshoot to life.

So the mum from Arizona was dressed to perfection with her sons aged nine, 11 and 16 at a local bridal store. She was even told she could keep the outfit. The day was kept secret until she arrived.

The photographs were taken by her friend, photographer Laura Gordillo.

Negron said: 'I don’t want people to see this as a fake wedding - it was a celebration of life. It was an amazing experience, a symbol for hope and faith. I was with family, friends and complete strangers that I now call friends, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.'

She was undeterred by the lack of a groom in the ceremony as her sons played such a prominent part. One added: 'We feel like we're the man in her lives, because we always try to help her out.'

Source: Dailymail