Locals Only - RIKKI REID 'Home with Me'

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Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 10:54AM

Building on the momentum of a huge year in 2022, Aotearoa artist RIIKI REID shows no sign of slowing down with the release of her brand-new ballad ‘Home With Me’.

‘Home With Me’ turns inwards to unveil a new sound, one that will complete her introduction as RIIKI REID and what she’s capable of.

Off on a 6-week trip overseas by herself for the first time, RIIKI’s insecurities crept in. After saying goodbye to her partner at the airport, she found herself crying in the bathroom thinking about the unknowns around the corner, and how she was to do this without her support person.  Following this experience, ‘Home With Me’ was created. “At the time, the song was about missing the person you love and thinking ‘What if I never got to see that person again, do they really know how much I care for them?’” 



♬ original sound - RIIKI REID

As a wahine Māori in the music industry, RIIKI has a desire to have her taha Māori represented as an integral part of her identity as an artist – and that involved translating a reo Māori version of her popular song ‘The City’ to ‘Te Tāone’ a challenging and invigorating experience that has given her a newfound confidence and pride in who she is.

RIKKI stopped by ZM's Acoustic Corner, stay tuned for the vid of her stunner performance! 

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