Locals Only - Luca George 'You'll Never Know Me Sober'

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Monday, 7 August 2023, 3:17PM

Luca George unveils soul-baring 'You'll Never Know Me Sober' 

 This heartfelt and captivating song written earlier this year was born from a collaboration in London with George Glew (Lewis Capaldi) and Joseph Wander (The 1975, Frank Ocean, Disclosure), and delves deep into themes of the complexity around intimacy.  

"You'll Never Know Me Sober' is a song I wrote just two months ago with my incredible new friends Joe and George over in London. This song is a lot… it dives into my struggles with my relationship with intimacy and alcohol. Still, to this day, I haven’t had a 100% sober kiss due to the fact that I’m too scared to give myself to anyone fully." 

“The music video for 'You’ll Never Know Me Sober' acts as a visual representation of my mind. As soon as I wrote it  I envisioned myself  in an endless black void under a light (in my mind).  I learnt a lot about myself exploring the lyrics and melody of the song and I wanted to show that in the video. The video takes you through my difficult process of coming to terms with myself, while writing the song.” 

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