Locals Only - Park RD 'Call Me Up'

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 7:08AM

Auckland indie-rockers PARK RD have shared their punchy debut album THE NOVEL.

Their thirteen-track album features the high-energy singalong previously released single ‘Call Me Up’. 

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Brooke, from ZM's Late Show, interviewed Tom & Leo from Park RD.

Watch the video here!

The album release came one week before a sold-out seven-show tour of Australia supporting The Rions.


1. June
2. Secrets
3. Call Me Up
4. Hey, Hello
5. Save The Planet
6. Asleep:Awake
7. Postcard
8. Did It Anyway
9. Tonight, I
10. Ride
11. I Don’t Wanna Know
12. The Novel
13. Every Night

Throughout the album's creative process, PARK RD embraced an array of influences and techniques resulting in a collection of refreshingly different songs, yet always sound like PARK RD.

"Once we had all the main instruments, we would add 'the vibes' and sprinkle little details like synths or guitar parts that only happen once in the song," the band reveals.

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