Locals Only - Rosie Teese 'Overboard'

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Monday, 20 May 2024, 2:04PM

🤠💛 Nothing is trending more than HOT COUNTRY and our very own, ROSIE TEESE, is making big moves in the genre! 🤠💛

Drawing inspiration from the likes of country-pop artists like Megan Moroney and Kelsea Ballerini, ‘Overboard’ is an uplifting love song that speaks to the profound experience of diving headfirst into new love and choosing to weather all seasons of life with that person.

‘Overboard’ is a compelling tease of what’s to come from Rosie this year as she looks to unveil her debut project in mid-2024. 😻

Seamlessly fusing the catchiest elements of country and pop, Rosie Teese is set to share her debut collection of songs that will uplift and resonate with new listeners.

Whilst new to releasing music, Rosie is no stranger to live performance or songwriting, having composed original music and played in live bands for over a decade. Rosie’s life-long love of country-pop music signals the start of an epic journey in music!


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