Locals Only - Jason Parker 'Crash'

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Monday, 6 May 2024, 2:40PM

💥 Entrancing and devastating to glistening and shattering... Jason Parker's new single ‘Crash,’ is an electrifying interpretation of a break up. 💥 


Adding to the ‘Crash’ mania, is the stunning music video shot in the alleyways of Osaka, Japan with Daisy Thor-Poet of Tinted Productions. “Daisy had moved to Osaka and invited me to come stay to shoot the video for Crash. I'd never traveled further than Sydney so jumped at the opportunity. It was a full day of running around the streets of Osaka singing in alleyways and train stations." 

We've got a mad crush on the official music video of 'Crash'!


‘Crash’ also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Jason as the first track off his upcoming EP, Fairy Bread. “The idea of Fairy Bread really is about taking something and making it better. For example, plain white bread and adding sprinkles, and that is what Fairy Bread is," he says.

Jason is pumping out the tunes with a new hit 'All Of You' released 8th of May! ❤️


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