Dual - Running Around My Head

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 3:13PM

Dual debut their song "Running Around My Head" on Locals Only this week!

Makers of lush, low-key dancefloor anthems, DUAL bring together the raw, glacial power of lead vocalist Maurice Miller with guitarist Jamie Pyne’s dynamic guitar lines and electronic production for a heady mix of indietronica. 

While the writing process is an insular process between the pair, often taking place in their garage studio at Maurice’s house, they are writing for the audience. “We can always feel straight away when a song or part of a song isn’t working just by the energy of the room. So we’ll go away and change a part or drop a song, and constantly shape our set,” says Jamie.

“Playing live for us is what it’s all about. ” Maurice reflects. “When we play live, it's our only time we get to share. Aside from that it’s really just Jamie and I in a room. There’s really no other feeling like playing your music live on stage and seeing even just one person getting down to it. That sharing of emotion is ultimately our purpose as musicians…”

Check out their brand new single "Running Around My Head" below!

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