Watch This Trans Teenager’s Emotional Reaction to Getting Her First Dose Of Hormones

Publish Date
Wednesday, 30 September 2015, 3:54PM

Erica Maison, a mother of five from Detroit, surprised her transgender daughter Corey with her first dose of hormones — something the 14-year-old had been waiting over two years to receive. She managed to capture the emotional moment on video.

The moments after the recording stopped were emotional for both Corey and her mother. "We were both crying and shaking. She literally took my breath away, as she has never given me a hug like that before." Erica told Buzzfeed. "I have never felt so much love from her than that moment. It was a mixture of pure joy and relief from us both."

“This was it, this was the most pivotal turning point in her life, and we both knew it,” Erica said of the emotions captured in the video.

Erica told BuzzFeed News that Corey was always feminine, even from the time she was very young. “She loved to dress in high heels and dresses. In public she wore boy clothes — I just assumed she might be gay.”

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