Oxford University Boys Cover Wham! Club Tropicana Hit

Publish Date
Monday, 16 February 2015, 2:13PM

WHAM! sunshine classic Club Tropicana has been covered by an a cappella group at Oxford University.

Singers Out of the Blue filmed the video for it in Malta and said it was a great way to “bring that holiday feeling” to chilly Brits.

They teamed up with British Airways to record the song to coincide with the year’s first holiday period.

BA’s Claire Bentley said: “We know some people find the pressure of booking a family holiday stressful.

“We thought we’d lighten the mood with a little humour to remind holidaymakers we can take care of everything for them.

“The boys are right when they sing ‘fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone’, and like Club Tropicana,
BA’s drinks are free.”

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