G Flip's 'Cruel Summer' cover has gone VIRAL!

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Thursday, 25 January 2024, 12:15PM

G Flip believes that "Cruel Summer" is "one of the best pop songs of all time" - and I agree! 🤩

You can't seem to wipe the smile off the 30-year-old Australian artist's face after Taylor gave the “Cruel Summer” cover a seal of approval by double tapping on the video to give it a like. 🙌

Check out Taylor's reaction! ❤️

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“I honestly still can’t believe that she liked it. I never thought she would see it, let alone like it." G Flip went on to add "Taylor is so generous with helping up and coming artists, so I’m really honoured, grateful and honestly in disbelief that she offered that to me.” 🥵

G Filp is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them. They described their cover as a “masc-lesbian version.” 😎

@gflipmusic My cover of “CRUEL SUMMER” is out now! Here’s me having an air drum. Taylor Swift wrote the greatest pop song of all time & i put a little spin on it. Thanks for the love humans ❤️ #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #cruelsummer #gflip ♬ Cruel Summer - triple j Like A Version - G Flip


G Flip changed the pronouns in the lyrics because “I am very gay and I wouldn’t be singing about bad boys." In Swift’s original, she sings, “Bad, bad boy, shiny toy with a price, you know that I bought it.” G Flip instead sings, “Bad, bad girl shiny pearl with a price, you know that I bought it.”💙

Watch the Like a Version cover! 😍

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