Mr. X finally proposes to Miss. Y!

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:15PM

We've been working with Mr. X for a couple of weeks now to work on the perfect proposal! Many women in New Zealand thought Mr. X might have been their man and as he revealed more about himself, the number of women who were potentially "Miss. Y" were dropping daily. 

We can now reveal that Mr. X was Cameron! 

Perhaps not the most traditional proposal, we saw a mini Hermione and a Kim Kardashian-esque flower wall as well as Irish dancers.

Although a bit of a whirlwind, Cameron couldn’t be happier about how the evening went. “Ruchel actually told me to apply for this… two hours after I’d already done it. I had to play it off like it was a terrible idea. It’s been awesome working with the ZM guys to pull this off and thankfully, she said ‘yes’!”

Cameron and Ruchel met at Snow Planet, where they were both working holiday jobs. "We used to work together in our teens at snowplanet. I had no interest in her then as other guys always mobbed her. It was only when she moved on from there when we began hanging out. Shortly after becoming good friends we were dating and have never looked back".

As a trade for letting all of New Zealand listen in to their special moment, Cameron and Ruchel received an incredible honeymoon package; Air New Zealand return flights to Rarotonga, seven nights at the Nautilus resort and an engagement ring from Michael Hill.

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