Man Changes The Life Of Homeless Woman By Building Her A Tiny House

Publish Date
Thursday, 30 April 2015, 12:32PM

A man decided to no longer ignore the homeless woman who had been living on his street like everyone else and instead built her a home.

Elvis had gotten to know 60-year-old Smokie after she knocked on his door to ask if he had any recyclables she could go and exchange for small amounts of cash. He went one step further and decided to build a makeshift house not far from his own doorstep in Los Angeles. People who passed by while he was constructing it asked how much he was going to charge for rent but making a profit never crossed his mind.

It even has wheels so she can move it around and not get in trouble with police! Elvis is now planning on making this a much bigger project and wants to build more of these mobile homes so that the homeless people of LA have some shelter.

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