Bar Owner Refuses To Remove Two-Way Mirror In Women's Bathroom

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 10:18AM

Video of Chicago comedian Tamale Rocks going to the bathroom went viral last night.

A full length mirror facing you as you pee is creepy enough but, as you can see, any lurker who may be hiding in the janitor's closet will also get a free show. 



Sooo creepy! But even more creepy, is the response of the bar owner.

When Jezebel asked if he'd take the mirror down, he said, "I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us?"

Lottz also said that Tamale Rocks was just trying to gain exposure by creating a viral video, but that really she was just a comic who had a bad set. 

She claims she's just disgusted that someone is watching her pee. We think that's pretty fair.

"Fun and games" or just plain creepy???

A bunch of Yelp reviews have flooded in about the creepy mirror. 

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