You should probably never order these unhygienic fast food items

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 January 2017, 3:27PM


We love fast food. Maccas, KFC, Burger King get at us.
But that doesn't mean you should trust everything on their menus. 
Workers from various fast food chains have come forth to reveal the worst of the worst - the most unhygienic -  fast food items you could order:
1. KFC’s Potato & Gravy
This one isn't easy to take. 
We LOVE KFC's Potato & Gravy but according to KFC employees, that so-called gravy is actually dregs taken from the bottom of the fryer; the potato literally just flour.
Yip we're crying right now. 
2. McDonald’s Salads
This is disappointing, because salad's pretty much the only semi-healthy thing on their menu.
Employees at McDonald’s caution against the salad exactly because of their low turnover. If they’re not used, they’re just re-stickered then palmed off again the next day.
So much for trying to make healthy choices... 
3. Ice from any fast-food place
According to these anonymous fast food-workers the ice machines at your favourite grease chains are rarely cleaned, and often come with a free side serve of mould and dead flies.