KFC Double Down is back from today! With brand new Korean BBQ twist

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 12:26PM

Calling all fried chicken lovers - the most popular KFC limited edition menu item is back 🤩

KFC has listened to the fervent requests from its fans by reintroducing its iconic Double Down, now accompanied by a new Korean BBQ rendition, adding a tantalising twist to the KFC Original Double Down.

Rob from the office literally went to heaven and back when he tried the new Korean BBQ Double Double down. Never seen the man so stoked in his life. And he's a foodie so that's huge.

Georgia finds pepper spicy but she hooned the original. YOM

Both versions will grace the menus of KFC establishments nationwide starting today!

Bree and Clint watched movies for 24hrs straight & we were well fed thanks to our mates at KFC, thanks so much! Watch how it went down below 

The renowned Original Double Down features two Secret Recipe Fillets, bacon, cheese, and the Colonel’s Special Sauce, while the Korean BBQ Double Down showcases two Zinger Fillets, bacon, cheese, and Korean BBQ sauce.

Since its inception in New Zealand in 2011, the Double Down has maintained its status as one of KFC’s most sought-after limited-edition offerings, with enthusiasts eagerly queuing before store openings, leading to widespread product shortages at the time.

KFC GM Clark Wilson says, "Our food teams have been working hard to perfect this latest offering. We’ve developed a delicious ‘Swicy’ sauce, a blend between sweet and spicy, taking inspiration from Korean cuisine to offer a refined balance of flavours."

"This flavour profile, combined with the crispy coating and heat of Zinger, is something we think Kiwis will love."

As for whether this newcomer will surpass the popularity of the original, only time will reveal the verdict.

The KFC Original Double Down and KFC Korean BBQ Double Down are priced at $12.99 and are available in-store for a limited time only.

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