What type of lover are you? Find out here!

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Saturday, 23 September 2017, 1:12PM
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The more you know about your sexual psyche, the better your sex life is likely to be - especially if you're female.

This quiz by The Daily Mail helps you to understand your prime motivations for sex and how it affects you emotionally as well as physically.

Find out the sort of lover you are by choosing the answer that most accurately describes you:


1. When I was young I had fantasies about what sex would be like. It's turned out to be:

a Better or as good as I'd imagined.

b Pretty much what I thought, though I fantasised more about love and the relationship than I did sex.

c It's what I assumed it would be: mostly good but it's not the be all and end all of life


2. If my partner found out what my deepest, darkest fantasies are, he'd be:

a Turned on but not shocked. I enjoy fantasising but don't really fantasise about anything particularly out there.

b I don't really fantasise though I have talked dirty in bed to please my partner.

c Turned on but not surprised. We often role-play and talk dirty so he knows most of them anyway.


3. Losing my virginity was:

a The predictable fumble. Clumsy but it still left me keen to explore.

b Anxious. I didn't really know what to expect and was relieved when it was over.

c A big deal. It was with a long-term boyfriend and we spent a lot of time planning it so it would be special.


4. My parent's attitude to sex was:

a It wasn't really mentioned but there was nothing particularly negative said.

b It's something enjoyable that you do with someone you loved when you're grown up.

c You saved it for when you were married or at least engaged.


5. If I had to guess, I'd describe my parent's sex life as:

a Active. They're very affectionate with each other so I'm assuming this carries through into the bedroom.

b They'd joke about Sat night being 'date night' so I'm guessing they had it weekly.

Active. I'd guess they have sex regularly - maybe even naughty sex!


6. If I feel like sex, I'm most likely to:

Our initial sex experiences are formative and shape the sort of sex we have in the future. If yours were good, it sets you up for a lifetime of uninhibited sex and bestowing a glorious lack of sexual guilt

a Instigate it by making a move. I have no problems letting him know when and how I want sex.

b Start kissing him and cuddle up, in the hope that he'll get the hint.

c One of us prefers initiating and the other is happy with that arrangement.


7. Masturbating is something I do:

a If my partner is away or we're separated for a while.

Not often if I'm in a relationship.

c Regularly, whether I'm with or without a partner. Sometimes I'll do it in front of him.


8. The average number of partners for women, globally, for a lifetime is nine. How does this make you feel?

Like laughing. I clocked up that many by the time I was in my early 20s.

b I'm under average and hoping this partner will be my last.

c I stay with my partners a long time so don't expect I'll come anywhere near it.


9. Once I'm settled into the relationship, my idea of the perfect amount of sex sessions per week is:

a Once a week.

b Two to three times.

c Four to five times.


10. I'm able to orgasm:

a Easily both on my own and with my partner.

b Solo and with my partner but only through a certain tried and tested technique.

Easily on your own but find it hard with a partner.


11. When I undress in front of my partner I:

a Get changed in the bathroom into PJ's. I'm happier dressed than naked.

b Tease him a little. I'm confident of my body.

c Feel quite comfortable. He accepts me flaws and all.


12. If I don't orgasm with my partner, I would:

a Normally confess. But if he was doing everything right and it was just an off day, sometimes I'll lie.

Beware of always needing 'perfect' conditions to have sex in. Relationships aren't always going to be perfect, so sex isn't either

b Confess. I don't feel the need to lie and don't see the point.

c Confess but it doesn't often happen because we have a tried-and-true technique that we always use.



Count up how many of each letter you score to find your corresponding type. If your scores fall between two types, it's possible you share characteristics of each.

a. L b. I c. C

a. I b. C c. L

a. L b. C c. I

a. C b. L c. I

a. I b.C c. L

a. L b. I c. C

a. I b. C. c. L

a. L b. I c. C

a. C b. I c. L

a. L b. C c. I

a. C b. L c. I

a. I b. L c. C



Mostly 'L' answers:


Our initial sex experiences are formative and shape the sort of sex we have in the future. Yours were good, setting you up for a lifetime of uninhibited sex and bestowing a glorious lack of sexual guilt.

Actively needing and seeking adventure and novelty, you've got a high sex drive and are highly motivated to satisfy it.

Your ideal partner also has a high sex drive but you could match happily with someone who has an average or even low libido because your desire for sex is so high, you'll put the effort in to capture their interest and constantly come up with new things to keep it interesting.

What will cause problems is a partner who isn't grateful or interested in making sex a priority.

You also need to accept that even the best relationships have highs and lows. It doesn't mean you're not in lust anymore if you're not ripping each other's clothes off every night.


Mostly 'I's:


For you, sex is more about expressing love and feelings than it is a physical release. You're less interested in sexual performance and more focused on the emotional benefits of sex: intimacy rather than orgasm is your aim.

You're a forgiving lover and so long as you feel your partner loves you, will tolerate most sex drives. You're realistic about sex so reasonably easy to please in a physical sense.

The whole point of having sex, for you, is to feel closer and connected to your partner. If that's missing, you won't enjoy it.

Areas to watch out for: you're more inclined to cuddle up than initiate sex, so you should probably try to take the lead a little more often.

Also beware of always needing 'perfect' conditions to have sex in. Relationships aren't always going to be perfect, so sex isn't either.


Mostly 'C's


You're a person who likes routine both in and out of the bedroom. You dislike change and find it quite stressful so impromptu sexual surprises aren't welcome - predictable sex that follows a tried-and-true set pattern is your idea of sexual nirvana.

Others might look in and find your sex life a little dull but, in fact, you orgasm easily with your partner.

Because you stick to the same method, the path to orgasm is well-travelled and if you train your body to orgasm a certain way, it reads the signposts easily, identifying predictable triggers to tip you over the edge.

Your ideal match sexually is someone like you - more interested in good, regular, satisfying sex than trying new things that might possibly backfire.

Just remember: a certain amount of predictability can be comforting, too much desensitises. Try to push at least a little out of your comfort zone to build your sexual confidence.



- The Daily Mail