Revealed: New Zealand Among Top 5 Most Promiscuous Countries

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Monday, 8 April 2024, 2:48PM

A new study conducted by researchers for World Population Review has looked at the average number of sexual partners that people in each country have during their lifetime, with the results ranking New Zealand as one of the most promiscuous countries in the world ūüí¶

Turkey led the way as the country with the most sexual partners, with people in the country averaging 14.5 partners over their lifetime.

At the opposite end of the scale, however, India ranks as the most sexually conservative country studied by researchers, with Indian citizens averaging three sexual partners.

Although the US is commonly perceived as a country with an overly casual approach to relationships and sex, it failed to make it into the top 10.

With 10.7 sexual partners over the average American’s lifetime, the US came in at a humble 12th place.

The independent research organisation collated available data from 46 countries, analysed the results and organised them into an interactive map, reported the Daily Mail.

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Using surveys to collect results, the data shows the average person has nine sexual partners during their lifetime globally.

Behind Turkey, Australia and New Zealand followed closely. Australians were found to have 13.3 partners on average while Kiwis had 13.2

China and Vietnam were ranked the lowest after India, with the two countries respectively having 3.1 partners and 3.2 partners on average.

Researchers for World Population Review highlighted that dating and marriage norms in India, like arranged marriages and a severe taboo around premarital sex, probably reinforce a culture of sexual conservatism in India.

The data results were drawn from a survey. Respondents were encouraged to fill in the survey with information on their sexual history, so there is a chance the findings may be over or underestimated.

Insurance marketplace Choosi published a report last year that found 62 per cent of Australians were active on dating apps, with 40 per cent preferring to use online dating to find a partner over alternative methods.

In other research, AppMagic found 12,000 Kiwis installed the dating app Bumble on their phones in January.

Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and South Africa closed the list of the top five countries with the most sexual partners on average.

The UK ranked comparatively low on the list, taking the 21st spot behind Chile, Serbia, and Montenegro with 9.8 partners on average.

Although the US and UK are alike in their dating culture and norms and access online dating services at a similar rate, the UK may be lower on the list due to the country’s smaller population.

First published by NZ Herald, republished here with permission.

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