We've been pronouncing clothing retailer 'Zara' wrong

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 3:35PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It's fair to say that a big chunk of females were stoked when New Zealand recently got it's first ever Zara store in Auckland. 

Due to it being a world-wide brand most Kiwis knew of the clothing brand prior to it coming to our small country, so the anticipation was real. 

What we didn't know however, was that we were pronouncing Zara incorrectly.

According to Refinery29, Spanish retailer Zara is not pronounced Zah-ruh at all.

One of their reps corrected everyone, saying “If you want to phonetic about it, it's pronounced ‘dzah-dah’.” 

Apparently the region that Zara is based out of - Artexio, Spain- speak Northern Castilian which replaces ‘z’ sounds with ‘th’ sounds, and ‘r’s with ‘d’s making ‘Zara’, ‘dzah-dah’.

Interesting stuff!