We hate driving - but if you must, here are the best ways to conserve fuel

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 12:36PM

Yeah, so gas is pretty expenny at the mo. 

And as much as we encourage walking, cycling, e-scootering, swimming, and public transport, sometimes you just have no other option than to drive. 

So we've found a few tips from Consumer.org that could make your gas go a little further - so we're using less, but also spending less!

And that cracked phone screen isn't going to repair itself - so we NEED that extra cash. 

  1. Drive smooth: Avoid excessive use of the accelerator and just drive smoothly. Looking well ahead to be able to moderate the speed while using breaks. If you drive at or below the speed limit rather than in excess, you will burn less gas as your car's aerodynamic drag increases with speed.

  2. Take away the things you don't need: Remove any excess items you don't need and things that you have simply stored in your car. If you have unused roof racks or bike racks on the outside of the car, take them off too. The weight from the unnecessary items will burn more fuel.

  3. Check your tyre pressure: If your tyres are a little flat, your car will have to work hard to push them around and this will lead to usage of more fuel. Check the correct tyre pressure (it's usually on a sticker in the driver's door well) and pump the tyres up to the right level at the petrol station. 

  4. Wind up the windows: It's nice to have fresh blowing air when driving on a hot day, but unfortunately, this adds to your vehicle's wind resistance. Roll up the windows when you’re underway to make your car more slippery when passing through the air. Apparently, it is more efficient to use air con instead. 

  5. Drive less: The easiest way to save fuel is simply by driving less. If you can either walk or bike instead for a shorter distance, then the day of getting the car fuelled will be pushed a bit further. 

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