WARNING: These are the most common injuries attained during sex

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Monday, 20 November 2017, 4:09PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Getting injured during sex sounds like something out of an American Pie movie, but it actually can (and does) happen in real life. 

Injuries during intercourse are far more common than what you might think, and of course, you'll want to avoid them.

So, in order to steer clear of any embarrassing mishaps, that end with you butt naked in the ER, these are the particular injuries you need to look out for,  according to science.

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- Pulling a muscle

Well, this one can actually hit you at any time, during sex or not. 

But to avoid putting a stop to your fun time, you need to make sure that your muscles warm up with less rigorous positions before you work your way up to any sort of advanced position.

Carpet burn

Carpet burn isn't fun, even during sex. 

Obviously to avoid this one just avoid doing it on the carpet. 

If carpet is the only option and you suffer from a burn, then Women's Health recommends washing the area with cool water and antibacterial soap to avoid any infection.

Should the skin be broken, treat it with an antiseptic wipe and antibacterial cream before applying a bandage. 

Vaginal tear

Ooooh reading that makes ya wince! 

Luckily, IFL Science says vaginal tears aren't too common.

After all, vaginas can handle a baby pushing it's way out!

If a tear should happen, it is usually because the vagina is too dry before intercourse, so get that lube handy! 

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Broken penis

It's every man's greatest fear and unfortunately, it's far more susceptible to injury than the vagina.

A number of sexual positions have been found to be very dangerous for the penis, including "cowgirl" and "doggy style."

A study by the International Journal of Impotence found that these positions were found to cause swelling, broken frenulums, urethral bleeding and acute urinary retention.

Another study by Advances in Urology found that "women on top" positions was the most common cause of penis injury, with 50 per cent of penis fractures coming from women on top. 

If in the unfortunate case that your penis does break, seek medical advice immediately.