This Unexpected Trend Will Give You Baby-Soft Skin Forever

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Monday, 18 April 2016, 3:49PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

YouTube beauty phenom Huda Kattan has a cheap and effective way of obtaining super soft and smooth facial skin. Shave your face. Yeah, we know it sounds weird but the beauty guru started shaving her face a year ago and "swears" by it now. 

Kattan claims that her method helps create the perfect base for a flawless makeup application.


Huda says that this practice is actually not as taboo as people think, as beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces and it's been practiced in Asia for decades.

"I have lasered areas that have slightly thicker hair, and def recommend that for areas around the mouth and chin, and side burns, but if you have areas where the hair is super thin and more like peach fuzz, you may find this is your best bet," she said. She also says that shaving is great for skin exfoliation, scarring, and anti-aging. 

She explains the full process in her YouTube video below:


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