This true crime podcast will be your next obsession

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Thursday, 14 November 2019, 11:24AM

Another day, another true-crime podcast to obsess over...

38,000 missing person reports submitted to the police in Australia every year, and that fact is the start of the newest true-crime podcast to take over our lives.

Zac Barnes went missing at the age of 18 three years ago, and to this day, his family have still not learned what happened to their son.

What happened to Zac? starts with a heartbreaking statement from Zac's Mum, Karen Barnes;

"Zac's the first thing I think of in the morning when I wake up and he's the last thing I think of at night. For him to disappear without a trace, how does that happen?"

His Mum also tells of the last time she saw her son, saying it was just a normal Friday when she dropped Zac off to work where he was an apprentice bricklayer. After work, he went to a friend's house for the weekend and then, no one knows.

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Throughout the four-part series Karen takes host Jay through Zac's childhood, family life, birthdays and various locations like to an old quarry.

You can listen to What Happened to Zac? here.

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