This is how many bad days you'll have this year

Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 3:44PM

Life isn't easy, we all know that right. 

Unfortunately, you are not going to wake up feeling happy chappy and having rainbows coming out ya a** every day. 

So you may as well prepare yourself for the fact that you're gonna have some moments where you want to have a fat cry. 

But how often can you expect these 'I hate the world' days? Every 6 days apparently... Yeah soz.

A recent study found that out of the 365 days we have a year, 60 of them are going to be bad days. 

The study also surveyed people on the top reasons for the shitter of day. 

Understandably, work-related stress is the bad-day inducer for 80% of people.

Then came lack of sleep at 67%, followed by (interestingly) cancelled plans at 34%.

How do we cope with these bad days? 50% of those surveyed said junk food (Maccas anyone?!) and 34% said they turn to the alcohol.