This is apparently the perfect age to get married if you want to avoid divorce

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 11:37AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

These days, divorce is rife.

People don't seem to have the ability to commit to someone like our g-parents did back in the good ol' days before things like iPhones and Tinder came along and caused ravage. 

So if you want to avoid giving that food processor wedding present back when the marriage only lasts a few weeks, then you might want to consider the age you get married. 

Research into divorcing habits by the University of Utah has found that fewer people who marry between the ages 28-32 split up in the years that follow.

Previously it was believed that the older you married, the less likely you were to divorce, but now the findings show that there are two peaks in divorces, one within the first five years, around teenage and early 20s marriages, and one in marriages made over the age of 45. 

According to the study, for every year after 45 that a marriage begins, the chance of divorce increases five per cent.

This pattern continues, regardless of background.

So if you're 31 and bae hasn't gotten down on one knee yet, you may want to get some major hinting underway.