This is ACTUALLY how often guys fake it in the bedroom...

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If we're going to be honest, you can't always get there... when you're doing it. 

That big 'O' doesn't always happen, especially if you're drunk, but you don't want who you're getting in on with to think it's their fault.

So the easiest option is just to fake it. 

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And whilst a popular opinion is that women are big fakers, research has found that men fake it just as much, if not more than women!?

The study, conducted by the University du Quebec a Montreal, found that men fake orgasms as many as ONE IN FOUR times they have sex.

The scientists interviewed 230 male volunteers between the ages of 18-29 and asked how often they faked an orgasm.

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Researchers explained their findings: 

"On average, participants reported feigning orgasm in approximately one-fourth of sexual encounters in their current sexual relationship, most commonly during vaginal sex.

[Reasons given included] feigning orgasm to support a partner's emotional well-being [and] feigning orgasm because one was intoxicated, having undesired sex, or out of a desire to improve."