This invention will suck up farts before everyone needs to evacuate

Publish Date
Friday, 25 June 2021, 3:12PM

We all know who needs this... Introducing the 'Fart-Vac'.

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, we've discovered an invention that will stop your partner from stinking up the bedroom (you know who you are). 

Basically, the device is an air purifier of sorts that vacuums up the smell before anyone else notices. There’s a tube that goes near your butt (without going in it) that will suck up the gas. This is the kind of filter that’s used in aeroplanes and cars to prevent smells, and it does the same for your flatulence. 

Just give your Fart-Vac pump a few presses after you've dropped one, and your conscience will be as clean as the smell (or lack there-of) you've just created.

The Fart-Vac retails on Amazon for $11.99 US, which sounds like a small price to pay if it means you wont be battling the stomach cramps on date night! 

Perhaps version 2 of the Fart-Vac will include a speaker to drown out the sound!