These are the best drinks for avoiding hangovers

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It's the time of the year where we don't have work, the sun is out and we're pretty much constantly getting boozed. 

So that you don't constantly feel like sh*t for the next week, we're sharing with you new research that shows what drinks will leave you feeling the worst the next morning, it turns out that identifying troublesome drinks is easier than it seems.

The general rule is, the darker the alcohol, the worse the hangover is going to be. 

The safest drinks that keep that dusty feeling at bay the next morning would be clear liquors like Vodka, Gin, and Tequila. 

In terms of mixing, soft drinks and other high sugar drinks will only add to the hangover, it is best to stick with lower sugar options like fruit juice or soda.

The bottom line is alcohol dehydrates you, so as long as you keep drinking water, your hangover isn't going to be too bad!

The best drinks for avoiding hangovers

• Vodka, gin, tequila or saké - mixed with soda or fruit juice
• White wine
• Have lots of water while you're drinking

The worst drinks for hangovers

• Beer and lager
• Red wine
• Dark liquors
• Champagne

While you're here, find out what alcohol you are: