"There's some like... TikToker's here"

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Thursday, 22 February 2024, 11:55AM

Billie Eilish was recently filmed talking to Kylie Minogue saying "There's some like... TikToker's here" at this year's People's Choice Awards. 

@centennialworld in a new video posted to social media, #billieeilish can be heard asking about tiktokers who were invited to the #peopleschoiceawards ♬ original sound - centennialworld

People are wondering if this was an observation OR criticism from Billie. Billie Fans naturally think this was a harmless observation that she made, whereas some TikToker's, of course, found this comment to be criticism.

Bryce Hall was one of the TikToker's who attended the Hollywood event and used humour to clap back at Billie in a stitched TikTok video. “The most sad thing… let me just wipe my tear real quick. The most sad thing is I was a Billie Eilish stan. I stanned you, Billie Eilish. Now, I don’t think I can renegade to any of your songs anymore. So, thanks for taking out all my content.”

The unbothered queen would probably prefer that💅💅Play ZM, for Billie Eilish songs you can renegade to🕺

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