The trailer for TV's newest hit show 'The Kardashians' is here!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 10:05AM

They're back and it couldn't come soon enough!

The first trailer for the hottest new television show is here, and we can't get enough of it!

The Kardashian gals (and beau's) are back for more reality and let's face it, there's nothing quite like insight into the personal life of the world's biggest celebs. Oh, and siblings fighting... constantly. 

In the trailer you can actually spot Kim K preparing to host her iconic Saturday Night Live show, which saw her first kiss with now BF Pete Davidson...

You also get to see the proposal from Travis Barker to Kourtney. So yeah, it's safe to say we are FIZZING for the release!

Check out the trailer above and keep your eyes peeled for the release which is penned for the 13th April! This really isn't one you'll want to miss. 

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