The ten things women hate that men do in bed

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Friday, 22 September 2017, 12:49PM
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Photo / Getty Images

So we've already heard about the ten things men hate that women do in bed, but what about the other way around?!

Sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox has told the Daily Mail the ten things that men tend to do in the bedroom that their girl ain't usually keen on... 

Letting us do all the work when we’re on top

We're not used to thrusting, okay?! Holding our hips and lifting us up and down or at least moving your hips up to meet ours is really helpful.

Touching the bits of us that we’re self conscious about

Bottom line is, we quite often have bits on our body we're self-conscious about, and we hate it when you touch them. Contrary to what men might think, grabbing those bits don't help us get over the insecurity.

Refusing to wear a condom

Women are far more likely to end up with an STI than men are: we’re physiologically more susceptible than men aaaand we’re also the ones who may end up pregnant. So that one should be pretty obvious!

Pushing our heads down during oral sex

Well, duh. We don't actually like to choke.

Rubbing the clitoris like you’re a boy scout trying to start a fire with two sticks

You may have figured out that women like clitoral stimulation but a lot of you miss the point about it being very sensitive.

Thrusting too deep

Some women like men to thrust really hard and really deep but for lots of women, it hurts..

It’s way too easy for your penis to hit the cervix – which can be painful, so make sure you check!

Skipping foreplay

Five seconds of kissing is not enough foreplay. Neither is a half-hearted fumble around the breast area.

Almost as bad as no foreplay is you going straight for our bits with your fingers immediately as the session starts. It takes time for us to warm up and for our body to respond to yours.

Calling us ‘baby’ or ‘babe’

It’s impersonal and too generic: if you really want to arouse us, insert our name into that hot, sexy sentence.

Trying to last for hours

Imagine a masseur massaging the same spot for 30 minutes: that’s how it feels when we have a marathon intercourse session.

If you’re still going after 13 minutes (which according to reputable research is the perfect length of time for intercourse) check we’re still connecting.

Insisting on making us orgasm when it’s clear we’re not going to

Sometimes it’s just not going to happen for reasons that are nothing to do with you. Don't be offended if we can't!