The reason brides wear veils is kinda messed up

Publish Date
Monday, 19 June 2017, 9:15AM

Weddings are one of the oldest and most most traditionally associated events known to human kind. If we're honest, some of these traditions are kind of weird and don't really make sense, but we don't really question them. We just shell out however much a wedding costs because its "the most important day" of our lives. 

One traditional item immediately associated with a wedding is the bridal veil, a semi-transparent fabric that is draped over the brides face then pulled back by her partner at the beginning or end of the ceremony. Creepy uh I sweet. 

Well, it turns out this isn't just part of the brides get up, the veils were originally floor length and weighed down so the bride couldn't run away. Oh cool. 

Additionally, the veil is a symbol of the husband taking a woman's virginity, and the peeling back of the fabric is supposed said to represent the breaking of the hymen. Yeah, the same 'breaking of the hymen' that has now been discovered to be a myth. 

Other purposes for the veil include hiding the brides face in arranged marriage cases, specifically so the male could not back out of the wedding once he saw her. How romantic.