We surprised Vaughan with a special guest for his 10 year anniversary

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 November 2020, 4:31PM

It's ol' mate Smithie's 10 year wedding anniversary with Wife Sharde this weekend, and as a gift, Fletch and Megan decided to celebrate the 16 year relationship with a special guest.

Friend of the show, Sexologist Morgan Penn joined the show to give Vaughan some tips on keeping the spark alive.

"I love Morgan, we always have a good laugh but I also know what her piece of advice for me constantly is...I don't think it's fit for broadcast" Vaughan joked.

It's been a running joke that Vaughan is 'a little vanilla' (or "French vanilla" in his own words), so Morgan shared some fun games for the couple to play this weekend and going forward.

You can follow Morgan Penn on Instagram @Morgan__Penn

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