The one thing houseplants are great for, and it's not your 'gram

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Friday, 29 March 2019, 9:53AM

Whether it's a cactus, a succulent, or a monstera, the plants in your home are great for your mental health, as well as your aesthetic. 

They're great for the 'gram, but our house plants also help us breathe. Yup, those leafy dudes are pretty great at releasing oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide, which in turn helps us to keep doing that thing we need to live!

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The toxin-absorbing, air-purifying abilities of plants like pothos, aloe vera, and ivy are worth considering on your next trip to the garden centre. Scented plants have health benefits, too: the smell of flowers like jasmine and lavender have been shown to lower anxiety and stress, and promote a good night’s sleep.

Not to mention that gardening is basically the cheapest form of therapy!

One recent study demonstrates that a group of people in their early twenties experienced a massive decrease in blood pressure and stress symptoms when they followed a computer-related task with an indoor gardening session.

They also discovered that office workers have been found to be more productive and happy when surrounded by indoor plants- so get decorating your desk with green goodness!

Lastly, as if you need more reasons to have a plant shopping trip this weekend, the colour green has been found to promote emotional stability.