Here are the top Tik Tok accounts to follow if you need help with your plant babies

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Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 2:46PM

Are your plant babies looking a little sad? 

Not all of us have green thumbs, and that's perfectly okay! So we've done some digging to find a few Tik Tok accounts that could help you out. 

If you're needing help with re-potting, or rehabbing your plants @steeze365daily is your go to.

With nearly 300K followers, Myeshia Carter know literally everything about dealing with house plants. And although re-potting plants seems easy, those that have done it know exactly how challenging it can be.

Everything from propagating, to breaking up plant roots bound plants, Myeshia has you covered, and she may even give you a dance tutorial while she's at it!



Now, drum roll please... For those of us that need help with just keeping plants alive, or the more basic plant parents *Ahem Bree Tomasel* @theplantprodigy is your guy!

Jacob Soule cuts out the bull**** if you will, and just gives straight forward advice on how to best care for your plants. 

Soule has over 450K followers and often gets messages from fans seeking advice, which he'll then reply to and create videos. 

Unfortunately sometimes Soule has to give followers the bad news, that their plant has passed away... But if it isn't too far gone, @theplantprodigy could be the guy to help save it. 


So there you have it, two accounts that you definitely should be following if you've got a few plant babies in your possession, or if you're thinking about it! 






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