Taylor Swift to star in new 2022 film 'Amsterdam' alongside Margot Robbie, Chris Rock and more!

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Friday, 29 April 2022, 10:06AM

It's true, we need to calm down, but the news is just too exciting! 

This week the largest gathering for the motion picture theatre industry took place at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

There was no disappointment because Disney not only announced a release date for the film ‘Amsterdam’ but previewed a snippet of the film to the audience!

Director David O Russell has a cast sent from the heavens with John David Washington, Margot Robbie and Christian Bale as the three leads.

Disney explained the film is an "original romantic crime epic about three close friends who find themselves at the centre of one of the most shocking secret plots in American history." 

To our delight a reporter tweeted that Taylor Swift appeared in the shared snippet of the film wearing a black veil. 

Further reports shared that she entered the scene crying over the death of her father. Chris Rock shares the scene with her saying the lines “You have a dead white man in a box. It's not even a coffin, it has no lid," Chris says as Taylor sobs. "You know who's going to get in trouble? The Black men." 

Sounds like an intense watch but no doubt we'll be the first to book tickets when the film comes to cinemas! 

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