Science says that men can't resist it when women do this

Publish Date
Tuesday, 31 October 2017, 11:10AM

When it comes to impressing men, you may worry about how your boobs like, if what you're wearing is flattering, or if your legs are silky smooth.

But what you should be perfecting, according to science, is your posture. 

Hugh Hefner was a big advocate for women arching their backs, and new research has proven that an arched back is in fact very attractive. 

Researchers in Portugal had 82 men and women hooked up to eye-tracking software while they looked computer-generated 3D models of women in different poses.

The more each model's back was arched, the higher both sexes rated its attractiveness, the study found.

In September, former Playboy bunny Sandra Costa told The AM Show that girls at the Playboy Mansion were encouraged to always bend backwards.

"You had to bend backwards, and the girls were always complaining their backs hurt... If you bent forwards, you'd get demerits. You were never allowed to bend forwards."

The eye-tracking software also revealed that Men spent most of the time looking at the hips of the models, while women tended to focus on the waist.

"The perception of attractiveness and visual attention to the hip region suggests that lordosis or the arching of the back might signal human females' proceptivity or willingness to be courted," says Dr Pazhoohi.

"This also might explain why women wear high heel and why wearing high heel shoes increases women's attractiveness."