Rege-Jean Page is back on Netflix with his new wildlife doco!

Publish Date
Monday, 7 March 2022, 10:33AM

We ALL remember him from Bridgerton, and now he's back!

We were all obviously gutted when it was announced that the handsome Duke of Hastings wouldn't be making an appearance in Bridgerton season two, but now we'll be able to see (well, hear) him elsewhere. 

Page is lending his voice as the narrator for the latest Netflix wildlife documentary called Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. 

The doco tells the story of a dry season in the Kalahari Desert and focuses on multiple prides, packs and herds struggling to survive.

So although we may not get to see him, we'll be able to hear that sultry voice for almost 90 minutes! Not a bad compromise.

Check out the trailer for Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale above, or you can stream it on Netflix now.

And if you're wondering, we've always been OBSESSED with nature, not just because the show is hosted by a hottie! 

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