Reeces pieces ice cream is here in time for summer!

Publish Date
Friday, 18 October 2019, 1:14PM

Chocolate + peanut butter = our hearts.

If you're like us and love peanut butter and chocolate combos, you're going to love our latest find!

Reece's have released a peanut butter chocolate ice cream in two versions- in the tub and on cones... YUM.

King of Cheat Meals has a hot tip for you too: "the PB flavour intensifies if you leave the tub out slightly longer to soften up. Maybe it's just me, but try a scoop yourself straight out of the freezer, then leave it for 10-15mins at room temperature and try it again."

Peep us eating this ALL summer... and probably winter too...

You can find Reece's ice cream and Countdown right now for around $9!