ZM's Add To Cart!

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Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 8:30AM

ZM's Add to Cart is BACK! 🛒🛍️

We click, you collect. Cheers to our pals at OneRoof Property.

You know that cheeky workmate you always catch online shopping? Well, that's us... but this time whatever we add to our cart could be all YOURS!  

Tune in daily as we add a different item to our cart at 9am, 12pm & 4pm.

Keep track of what we add and be the first caller through at 5pm on 0800 DIAL ZM to check out and WIN THE ENTIRE CART!

Missed an item? Head to or join our Close Friends Facebook group for all the hot tips... 👀

ZM's Add to Cart, listen every weekday at 9am, 12pm & 4pm to win.

Hit up and explore thousands of property listings right across the country, accurate estimates, and the latest property news.

Visit today and find them on socials:

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | TikTok 

U know how it is. Ts & Cs Apply besties!

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