People Who Do This One Thing Are Hotter, Confident And Less Stressed

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016, 3:24PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Potty mouths can rejoice! It turns out that those of us who swear frequently have a lot more going for us than the straight-laced goody goods.

For years researchers at Keele University in Staffordshire have been studying the links between cursing and mental behavior, and have now presented their information.

The research found that cursing is most often associated with angry attitudes and emotions toward certain subjects and is used as an emotional coping mechanism.

Dr. Ricahrd Stepehnsone, one of the researchers, told the Daily Mail: "We want to use more taboo words when we are emotional. We grow up learning what these words are and using these words while we are emotional can help us to feel stronger."

Apparently, cursing allowed the study’s participants to feel a sense of empowerment after using the bad words. 

Not only does it empower us, but it also makes us look sexier. 

A survey found that both men and women think swearing is a turn-on, but only when done in appropriate contexts.

On top of this as well, it's been found that guys and girls both find members of the opposite sex even hotter when they’re swearing in the bedroom.

Apparently, men find it extra attractive when a woman has a potty mouth while they're get busy under the sheets. 

Along with all the above benefits, it’s a known fact that people who vent their frustrations, which you can do via swearing, have a better mental state than those who prefer to bottle up their thoughts and concerns.

It's been reported that by expressing our deeper emotions through the occasional outburst or tantrum, we prevent our brains from releasing too much cortisol (a stress hormone) in the long run.

Well that's f**king good news isn't it!