People think Donald Trump's bodyguard had fake arms to hide a gun

Publish Date
Thursday, 26 January 2017, 10:24AM

President of the United States is definitely up there as a dangerous job. Four presidents have been shot and killed while in office, and every president since John F Kennedy has been threatened with assassination, except Lyndon B Johnson.

So security is definitely a must. But when we heard this rumour about Donald Trump's bodyguard, we had to have a laugh. People have been saying that one of his bodyguards had fake arms so he could have his hands (and fingers, we guess) on a gun and the trigger. 

But then we saw the photos and the video and now we're 100% convinced his arms are fake!

Attention was drawn to a scary-looking bodyguard who had particularly stiff arms and hands which didn't seem to change position no matter what he was doing. 

See the below pics to see what we mean.... 

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube


Running with the idea, social media users went on to claim that it was likely he was carrying a semi-automatic weapon, as it required both arms to hold.

So, even looking at the photos we were like 'nah, he's probably just a bit awkward, aren't we all?' but then we saw this video:

If you watch his hands and fingers, they just DON'T appear to move. Ever.