People are having major arguments about this pizza toppings Tweet

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 1:48PM

A 21-year-old called Adrian Miranda (@OriginalSDM on Twitter) has started the debate of all debates on Twitter and people are going into meltdown mode.

Miranda told BuzzFeed News he wanted to provoke “pineapple on pizza haters,” and boy did he succeed. He urged people to retweet these two photos of pizza slices COVERED in pineapple cubes. And people responded.

Miranda admitted that pineapple isn’t even “the best pizza ingredient” to him, although he does like it a lot. He just wanted to ruffle some feathers.

All through the weekend, pineapple lovers used Miranda’s tweet to proudly pronounce their love for the topping.

At the same time, pineapple haters around the world denounced his photos. In fact, they made people sick. 

But most people tended to have an issue with the amount of pineapple on the pizza. Including those who generally like pineapple on pizzas!

And for every anti-pineapple comment, pineapple crusaders also showed up.

It was…endless.

People thought Miranda’s photos were sacrilegious.

And tbh Miranda just loves it, as he continues to stir shit.

He admits to BuzzFeed News that his all-time favorite pizza topping is actually “anchovies.” And he hopes this new claim “upsets more people,” and incites further debate.