Paramore live in Auckland confirmed we're still in our EM0 pHAsE xD

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Monday, 20 November 2023, 4:57PM

Photo / Zachery Grey

It turns out it wasn't a phase m0m, we screamed out our long-held teenage angst at Spark Arena over the weekend at PARAMORE!

Yes it does hurt to watch the videos we took back and hear our own screaming >.< but when Hayley Williams, the hottest rock chick in the world says “If you need to cry, if you need to scream, if you need to get the energy out of your body and move - this, my friends, is the place to be” then you're gonna let loose. 

“It’s our job for the next two hours to be with you tonight and give you a place to put all of your sh**” and boy was it 🧡

The played a hawt mix of old, new and smash hit tunes. Playing hits from Brand New Eyes such as The Only Exception, Playing God and Decode - made famous by Twilight - as well as tracks from their 2013 self-titled album such as Still Into You, Ain’t It Fun and Last Hope, fans who had been listening to the band since their inception nearly 20 years ago were well looked-after.

Also graced our ears was The News, Crave and Running Out Of Time from This Is Why and Hard Times, Rose-Colored Boy and Caught In The Middle from their 2017 album After Laughter.

Perhaps the biggest show-stopper of the night was Misery Business, released in 2007 as the ultimate girl-meets-rage sing-along. Not only was the crowd going wild - along with Williams, in true rocker fashion - but the song was paused right before the final chorus for a sweet interlude centred around crowd participation.

The show then became Abby-More when Hayley picked out fan Abby from the crowd to come on stage and help sing the final chorus of Misery Business

“I need someone to help me sing the rest of the song”, Williams informed the sea of people - and was met with a wave of excited screams.

A moment that made everybody’s night - and Abby's year, for sure - was when the pair sang along to the final chorus and finished off the song on a high note (literally) watch the vids on ZM's TikTok x 

@zmonline Reliving this moment from Paramore’s show in Auckland #paramore ♬ original sound - zm

This concert really was a good place to put all the rage, sadness, joy and energy that had been pent up since our awkward years. 

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Article first published on The NZ Herald, edited and reshared here with permission. 

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