Netflix has has given Sex/Life the green light for season 2!

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Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 12:47PM

Netflix really is the gift that keeps on giving! 

It's a show that a lot of people couldn't stop talking about... and it gave us *that scene*, now Netflix has announced that Sex/Life has been renewed for a second season and we are pumped!

The news was revealed in a social video that also shared Sex/Life was viewed by 67 million households in its first four weeks of broadcast. Talk about a stat!

Talking about the show, writer and executive producer Stacy Rukeyser discussed how powerful the show was to her, and all its viewers.

“Sex/Life is a dream come true. To create a show about empowered female sexuality that has entranced so many millions of viewers is not only immensely fun but also incredibly gratifying." 

She continued, “When I think about all the women who have reached out from all over the world to say that the show speaks to them in a deeply personal way, I am so inspired. I’m thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue telling this story for Billie, and for all of us.”

There is no official date for season two yet, but like the good people we are, we will be sure to keep you updated whenever we get the news! 

Oh, and if you haven't seen season one (where the hell have you been?!) make sure you give it a go! We can personally vouch for this one. 

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