Move over Nespresso, this new capsule machine makes cocktails!

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Monday, 13 December 2021, 12:55PM

Move over Nespresso – there's a new type of capsule machine in town!

Introducing the Bartesian cocktail machine... AKA the thing of dreams!

While it's always fun to mix the perfect cocktail from scratch yourself, sometimes you just want a quality drink at the push of a button - and that is exactly what Bartesian does.

About the size of a KitchenAid stand mixer, the machine promises "premium cocktails on-demand" and makes them using a similar technology to the popular pod coffee makers where you pop a capsule into a machine, press "go" and have a perfectly mixed drink within one minute.

Nothing could be easier to use.

Like a regular capsule machine, you keep a reservoir of water and five spirits - gin, vodka, rum, whiskey/bourbon or tequila - in the machine.

The machine reads the barcode on each highly concentrated cocktail capsule, so even if you aren't really sure what sort of liquor goes into, say, a Mai Thai, the Bartesian makes it a fool-proof process.

The Bartesian also allows you to choose from four levels of cocktail strength: mocktail, light, medium, and strong.

It then guides you through the appropriate glass or shaker to catch and serve the drink in.

A flow rate sensor measures the correct amount of water and alcohol to bring your cocktail to life, and voilà: Your robot bartending machine just made you a perfectly mixed cocktail.

And don't worry, the single-serving pods are recyclable... So it really is a win win.

Santa, we may not have been thaaat good this year, but can we get this pretty please with a decorative cherry on top? 

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