M&M's Crispy Chocolate spread exists and we are literally drooling

Publish Date
Friday, 20 August 2021, 3:05PM

Everyone knows that lockdown equals baking, and we could have found the best ingredient ever. 

Introducing M&M's Crispy Chocolate Spread! 

The choco goodness launched in Australia earlier this week, and thanks to our friend Mr Amazon AKA Jeffrey Bezoz we will be able to order some for ourselves in Aotearoa on Amazon. 

The spread is described as "a chocolate-hazelnut flavoured spread with crispy coloured balls". Which translates to "say less" in our language.

And now the bad news... As you can imagine the demand for these bad boys has been through the roof, so they are currently out of stock on Amazon.

Alternatively, they are available in most Aussie supermarkets, so you could also get your cousin across the ditch to send ya some!

We'll keep an eye out on Amazon though, and let you know when they are back in stock. 

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